Blessing Art Niluh

Ukuran: 73x94cm

Media: Carved on Linoleum

Tahun: 2021

When we think that the problems that come to us have no way out. Parents, especially mothers, are our place to return and ask for blessings. Believing that the blessing will come slowly will give us a solution to all the problems that exist. Of course all of this requires a process. This is my personal experience, and belief in the power of blessings from our parents gives us a path to goodness. This artwork is also participatory, where the visitors of the exhibition can take part in cutting the linoleum. Feel the thrill, relax, and even become very focused on the piece they are doing.

Connection 1 Awan Yozeffani

Size: 30cm x 15cm
Media: Acrylic, Collage on Canvas
Year: 2019

We are not alone and cannot be alone. We are connected and must relate to one another in order to share, give and receive.

Connection 2 Awan Yozeffani

Size: 30cm x 15cm
Media: Acrylic, Collage on Canvas
Year: 2019

We do not just appear out of nowhere, there is a source that makes us exist. The source will always be connected to us, on the other hand we must also maintain that connection to maintain our existence.

Flying stone Captain Awan Yozeffani

Size: 68 cm X 88,5 cm

Media: Acrylic on canvas

Year : 2017

In life we ​​will always find problems, obstacles and obstacles. Like scattered stones blocking our journey. We cannot escape and run from it all, we can only manage the risks that occur, like a captain we must be good at controlling the steering wheel.

Life in dream, dream in life Awan Yozeffani

Size: 90cm x 140 cm

Media: Acrylic on canvas

Year : 2017

Sometimes we are too busy chasing our dreams, but forget the dreams we have got. This work describes how we relax and enjoy what we already have and we have achieved. Experience living in a dream. We do have to chase dreams in life, but what's the point of all that if we don't enjoy it or live in it.

Looking for new earth Awan Yozeffani

Size: 177cm x 150cm
Media: Acrylic on Canvas
Year: 2017

An imaginative story about the friendship between two different creatures, where they are actually one family, but evolution has made them seem different and separate. Now, they are back together to find a new, more comfortable place to live, because their old one has been destroyed.

Luas Ke Tanah Wayah Art Niluh

Size 60 x 90 cm

Carved on Linoleum

It feels like, coincidentally being part of the story of someone's death and the moments of someone's death and then observing a series of processions for the delivery of the soul of a dead person is preparation and self-regulation. If tomorrow, the day after, in sleep, or on a journey, if death is near, the experience will be like a breeze when the nostrils and lips are tightly covered with cloth. Still thinking about it, but then it's no longer scary. Possible.

Mask Of Ksatria Suma

Size 48 cm x 38 cm
Media Water Color On Baohong Paper
Year 2019

This is my interpretation of the Topeng Keras Dance. Topeng Keras Dance is a representation of the tough and strong character of a knight or patih. Using a combination of red, orange, purple, blue and black with the element of fire and the effect of fluidity of motion that brings out the powerful energy of the Knight.

Mencari Ingatan Suma

Size 67 cm x 87 cm
Year 2021

I was born without knowing who my biological parents were. this work is the visuals that comes to my mind when I think about them. a feeling that cannot be expressed in words. so many and complicated. Through this work, I would like to invite all of you to explore and paint the forms of our memories that we have never met for real

Preparation Art Niluh

Size: 48cm x 60cm
Carved on Linoleum

One hundred and eight stanzas of mantram
One hundred and eight lotus petals
Where have I been looking for Saraswati?

Not scorched by fire, not wet by water
Joy and sorrow, jealousy, jealousy, jealousy, anger, pain, love, a thousand kinds of flavors are tasted by him, a child of the universe. Thousands of questions, millions of guesses. who? where? Why? How? When? What? The body grows and the mind grows and struggles to the end. How much knowledge do you want to explore?

The Red Lion King of Bali Bakti Wiyasa

Size: 30 cm x 42 cm

This painting of Togog Prabu Singa Bang or The Red Lion King was inspired by the existence of ancient Togog – an ancient sacred statue at a sacred site in North Denpasar. The existence of Togog is a form of Kawisesan from the local area associated with the "Dalem" system in Bali.