Bakti Wiyasa

Fullname: I Made Bakti Wiayasa
Born: Pemanis, Penebel, Tabanan, Bali 10 April 1974

The recipient of the 2016 Lempad Price Award from Sanggar Dewata Indonesia for his service in the arts and culture was handed over by Mr. Nyoman Gunarsa at the Nyoman Gunarsa Klungkung Museum. Actively exhibiting in Bali, Jakarta and abroad.


2021: A two-person exhibition with Bagus Sastra themed on the Old Balinese Rite of Civilization at the Pemanis Heritage Art Space
2021 Traveling by Artist Exhibition at Malu Dong Space Denpasar
2021 Joint Exhibition with Dekranasda Bali
2020 Exhibition at Puri Kerambitan
2019 Bali Heritage, New Earth Exhibition at Akasha Art Heaven Kliki Ubud Bali
2018 Exhibition of Civilizations in the Three Spiritual Regions of Bali at Merdeka Building, Denpasar
2018 Painting Exhibition of Traces of Balinese Sacred Sites & Rites, IX International Conference of Eurasia World Heritage Cities "Resilient Herutage and Tourism" at Hotel Prama Sanur Bali.


  • Apart from being an artist, he also conducts art research and writes the 2005 history of the Indonesian Gods Studio (not yet published).
  • An art book co-written with the late Professor Ngurah Bagus, entitled "Narasi Sanggar Dewata Indonesia".
  • Medal from Sri Sin Moy United Stied India 2004.
  • Invited as resource persons in various art discussions such as Wianta Foundation, Open Border, Art Champ 2021.
  • Resource Person for the Alignment of the 2021 Kwarda Logo Bali.
  • Biennalle Yogyakarta IX, Contributions, 2003 UNS Solo campus, Bentara Budaya Bali, Arma Museum.
  • Awards such as First Winner Body Painting Nusa Dua Fiesta Festival 2012.
  • Finalist Jakarta Art Award 2008
  • Finalist for Indofood Art Award 2003.
  • Some of his works were on the cover of Pantau magazine and the selected 2008 book collection of short stories Kompas SMOKOL.
  • Winner of the creative design of Endek Bali motif at the 48th Anniversary of PDI Perjungan 2021
  • Actively writes art, culture and works at his residence in Denpasar.
  • In 2018 he established the Bakti Pertiwi Jati Foundation (BPJ) which is focused on advocating and assisting in the preservation of cultural heritage sites.
  • In 2018, the initiative was initiated to establish the Bali Artists Organization (PPB) which was later supported by the Bali Cultural Park and the Bali Provincial Government.
  • In 2011 he established Bali Aesthetic Art & Management as an art organizer and presenter, a vehicle for caring for the golden generation of civilization buds, fostering the creative power of children from an early age in Denpasar.
  • Initiated an Exhibition of Sites and Rites of Old Balinese Civilization which showcases the unique existence of cultural remainsin the form of ancient artifacts, ancient sites in three spiritual areas of Bali which was held at the Disparda Building inDenpasar City.
  • The year 2019 was invited by the DPDRI, the representative of Bali, in a Hearing Meeting at the Badung Culture Service regarding assistance in saving ancient sites in Bali.
  • In 2019, he sat in the Bali Province Traditional Village Council, in the field of Sacred Places and Areas.
  • Writing an inventory of the collection of the Mahudara Mandara Giri Bhuwana Museum (MMGB) Bali Cultural Park.
  • Since 2000, he has written art and culture in many catalogs, magazines in Jogjakarta and newspapers in Bali and continues to write reviews of art exhibitions in Bali in Sarasvati Jakarta magazine.
  • In 2020 Established Pemanis Heritage as a center for nature, art and culture conservation by branching out Pemanis village in his village as a heritage village and equipping it with the Teba Kangin Pohmanis art studio and Creative circles for discussions and art performances as well as art galleries for permanent exhibitions and periodic art exhibitions. The gallery is still simple but functional.
  • Pemanis Heritage, art studios, art galleries to support the growth of a golden generation that is creative, independent and has a strong culture in the region.